Hi, I'm Nick.

I just graduated from high school
and I'm working real hard
to get into a good college.

I made this for You

I'm learning a lot by watching videos on YouTube, but I need an easy way to remember what the videos taught me.

I built this app to help people make the most of educational videos by creating a timeline of flashcards based on the video.

As you watch, the timeline will point out important information. You can click on the timeline to watch that part of the video and test yourself to see if you remember.

Please tell me what you think!!!

On this page you can

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If you like what I'm doing, there are 3 ways you can really help me out.

1 Tell me what you think!

I'd like to hear your suggestions for the app, or make flashcards about things you think I should know.

I need your email to get back to you. I promise not to spam.

This doesn't look like an email.

2 Lend Support

I have life changing opportunity to go to a prestigious code academy in San Francisco, but it is expensive. I need to find a way to borrow $8,000 to cover the rest of the tuition by May 1st.

Hack Reactor has a 3% acceptance rate, and I got in. Graduates go on to be engineers at companies like Google and Facebook. It can change my life.

3 Promote Learning

I wish I had learned about CrashCourse and hacker schools when I was in high school.

If there is someone you think would like what I built, or you just want to help me get more supporters, please share this page.

1... 2... 3...

Thank you!

I'll try reaching you at {{ email }}. :)

Best Resources

The most important thing for a student to learn is how to learn. This Coursera course will teach you learning techniques that can make anyone a strong, confident learner.

"Using these approaches, no matter what your skill levels in topics you would like to master, you can change your thinking and change your life. [...] If you’ve ever wanted to become better at anything, this course will help serve as your guide."

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Khan Academy teamed up with the College Board to create the best SAT Test Prep and make it available to everyone, online, and free.

"Unlike other test prep, the resources on Khan Academy will be developed through a close collaboration with the authors of the SAT themselves. With this partnership, our goal is to ensure that students have a deep grasp of underlying fundamentals so they can succeed on the SAT, in college, and beyond."

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CrachCourse is kind of a big deal, and pioneering the world of educational entertainment.

John Green, author of Fault in Our Stars and co-host of the show is one Forbes Celebrity 100 list, a New York Times Best Seller. They have received funding from YouTube's Original Channel Initiative, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and recently kicked off a partnership with PBS Digital Studios.

Watch Videos Learn More

Hack Reactor is among the most rigorous and most prestigious hacker schools out there. It boast a 98% placement rate and an average starting salary of $105,000. It also has a 3% acceptance rate and the most expensive cost of tuition.

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Optimizely hire Hack Reactor alumni.

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Tools and Tech

AngularJS is an open source web framework that is built to reinforce good coding practices and common patterns, like testing, code reuse.

Google maintains and promotes AngularJS, and even sponsors a free online course.

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Twitter's Bootstrap makes it fast and easy for hackers to make beautiful websites.

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The most important material to study to prepare for the Hack Reactor interview. This book introduces JavaScript from basic principles.

It is available for free online.

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