Hi, I'm Cesar

An MIT graduate from California, and software engineer. Last year I left my job at a tech company to find out how people could learn faster and remember what they learned.

And this is Nick

He is my little brother. He moved in with me after he graduated high school so that I could mentor him, to help him learn to like working hard, to teach him to be an effective learner.

He has a chance

Nick has done so well. He is re-applying to colleges Fall 2015. He has audited calculus classes at Berkeley, increase his SAT by almost 200 points, got into the most prestigious code academy in San Francisco, sporting a 3% acceptance rate.

After 12 intense weeks of training and mentorship, Hack Reactor students graduate as full-stack Software Engineers and expert-level JavaScript programmers.

They select students for our program based on their ability and motivation to grow in this uniquely tuned environment, working 66+ hours per week over three months. The results:

The program culminates in professional development training, so that students have the ability to articulate their skills to employers and negotiate multiple job offers.


Average Graduate Start Salary


Graduate Hiring Rate


No Financial Aid

I think Nick is a good investment, and I think Hack Reactor is too. I'm doing everything I can to keep the cost of tuition from hurting my brother's chance of a good education.

After Hack Reactor, Nick would have a chance to work for top companies that recruit from Hack Reactor. Companies like:

Show me something cool

YouTube makes it easy to learn, and Membright makes it easy to remember. We combined the fun and effective YouTube videos with the best memorization technique available.

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How can I help Nick?

We made this tool to promote knowledge and to teach that they can memorize things easily when they do it the right way.

The best thing you can do is share it. If you want to be a part of the team, please pledge your support.

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I wanna mentor

The most common attribute amongst the most successful people is an active, interested mentor.

Whether you want to prepare yourself to be mentored, or you want to learn to be a good mentor, Nick and I have tried to share what we have done in hope that it might be useful to you.

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